Best winter collection in Bangladesh 2019 For You!

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Today I will share with you the best winter collection in Bangladesh 2019

The project of a travel jacket becomes the best-funded in Bangladesh .  A collective financing project (startup), has become the best funded in the history of Kickstarter. 
This is the Baubax travel jacket, a jacket for men or women that in a week to collect more than 2 million dollars, became the pledge that has raised more funds in the history of the Kickstarter platform.

What's so special about the travel jacket in winter time in Bangladesh?
We could call it the "Swiss Army" of the jackets, since it not only has pockets to carry everything necessary that modern life requires comfortable to travel by plane or train such as passport, telephone, tablet, glasses, and headphones, etc., 
but also It also includes interesting features such as sleeves that become gloves for the cold, neck on an inflatable pillow and a hood with a…

This is the ultimate jacket that has to be in any man's wardrobe in Bangladedsh

Hello, How are you all? I think that you all fine! By the grace of almighty Allah, I am also fine.  Today I will inform you Koti for a man in bd Although it seems that the clothes are endless, there are not so many iconic pieces in the male wardrobe. 

Pieces of those that will always be there, that have a history and that are a bit of all of us. One of them is the Harrington-type jacket, a light, and a short coat,
 also known as blouson and that has become the perfect garment of spring or even that strange and dark impassé called halftime. The Harrington is a must for any GQ Man of good.
The first Harrington jacket was not yet a Harrington. In 1937, John and Isaac Miller, owners of the Baracuta brand, designed a peculiar jacket:
The neck was round and raised, had rubber bands in the cuffs at the waist, and its lining was a red and green tartan fabric.
 The tartan, as with these prints, represented a Scottish clan, in this case, the so-called Fraser of Lovat. The final finish was lapel pockets. 

Winter Collection 2019

At first Take my Salam! How are you all? I think that you all are fine! By the grace of Allah, I am also fine!

Today my Topic is bomber jacket in Bangladesh. Today the term 'Harrington' is a huge umbrella that can fit a lot of jackets and styles although the standard and basic version is still the most recognizable.
 Almost all the brands have had at some point in their catalog a variant of this jacket.
 From H & M to Saint Laurent through the most recent reviews of Todd Snyder or, of course,  Baracuta, which continues to make its most iconic jacket in three different versions, with or without a rubber and more or less long.
 Baracuta, in fact, has collaborated with avant-garde brands such as Junya Watanabe and Comme des Garçons, because the Harrington is a heritage of fashion, of all fashion, in general.
All that versatility of styles makes it very easy to carry. 
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In the way of the rock and roll of the 50 ( jean…